Baseline System

Each SD-001 Pre-Configured System includes the following:

  • Positioning Subsystem including Mechanical Scanner with Absorber Kit and Motion Control System
  • Passive RF Subsystem
  • Mounting Hardware Installation Kit
  • Full Standard System Interface and Operations Documentation
  • Interface Kits to easily integrate a wide variety of common VNA equipment, antennas and test devices
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Positioning Subsystem

  • 8-axis Mechanical Positioner
  • Absorber Kit
  • Control and Motor Cabling
  • Cable Management
  • WaveView™ Software – motion control and calibration
  • PC with monitor
  • Controller of positioners
  • Server Rack 

RF Subsystem

  • Scanner and Range RF Cables
  • Rotary Joints
  • RF Components and Devices (as needed)
  • Software Device Drivers
  • WaveView™ Software - Data Acquisition, Processing and Plotting Software

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