Options and Accessories

Our Pre-Configured Systems are designed to operate with a wide range of popular accessories and support services to meet budget and test needs. These include:

  • Full range of Probes and Standard Gain Horns
  • Additional software to enhance productivity
  • AUT supports, stands and other accessories
  • On-site installation, training and verification
  • Interface Kits to easily integrate a wide variety of common RF equipment, antennas and test devices
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Antenna Accessories

  • Waveguide Probe Assemblies
  • Standard Gain Horn Assemblies
  • Broadband Probes Assemblies

mmWave RF Upgrade Options

  • mmWave Band: 50–75 GHz module and Probe-SGH set
  • mmWave Band: 60–90 GHz module and Probe-SGH set
  • mmWave Band: 75–110 GHz module and Probe-SGH set

Site Services

  • Installation
  • Training

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