High Frequency PCB Material

Radiance V-Link

Introducing "Radiance V-Link," a high-frequency PCB material designed for low transmission losses in the radio frequency (RF) range. It is suitable for multi-layer circuit boards used in applications such as automotive millimeter-wave radar, base stations, and antennas. Radiance V-Link is an ideal solution for high-frequency PCB applications that require low transmission losses and reliable signal integrity. It enables efficient and high-quality RF signal transmission in automotive millimeter-wave radar, base stations, and antenna systems.

Key Features of Radiance V-Link

  • Low Loss
    Radiance V-Link provides excellent signal integrity and minimal attenuation of RF signals, ensuring high-quality transmission.
  • Multi-layer Capability
    It supports complex RF designs with multiple signal layers, power planes, and ground planes, enabling efficient routing of high-frequency signals.
  • Stable Dielectric Constant (Dk)
    Radiance V-Link maintains a consistent electrical performance across a wide frequency range (60GHz), ensuring impedance control and minimizing signal distortion.
  • Low Dissipation Factor (Df)
    It exhibits low energy loss during signal transmission, contributing to overall system efficiency and signal quality.
  • Thermal Stability
    Radiance V-Link withstands demanding thermal environments, ensuring reliable performance even at elevated temperatures.
  • High Tg (Glass Transition Temperature)
    It has a high glass transition temperature, enhancing dimensional stability during manufacturing and operation.
  • Good Mechanical Properties
    Radiance V-Link offers high tensile strength and rigidity, ensuring durability and resistance to mechanical stress.
  • RoHS Compliance
    It is manufactured following RoHS guidelines, making it environmentally friendly and safe for use.
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