8-axis Automatic Near-Field Measurement System


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The VL001-0.9X0.9 is a pre-configured eight axes (3 motorized translational stage planar/spherical near-field measurement system ideal for measuring medium and high gain antennas (> 15 dBi) with aperatures up to 0.75 m (30 in.) from 2.6 GHz to mm Wave. The system is constructed of high strength aluminum and can support probe payloads of up to 6 kg (13 lb). This simple design is easy to assemble and align, accurate, and can be quickly dismantled for relocation or storage. 


  • 2.0GHz to 43.5GHz
  • 110GHz to 300GHz (with mmw up/down converters)
  • Well suited for higher gain antennas (> 15 dBi)
  • Stationary AUT
  • Automatic scan setup
  • High speed bi-directional scanning
  • Powerful Plotting and Antenna Analysis Software
  • Far-field, Holographic and Near-field Patterns

Typical Applications

  • Point to Point Communication Antennas
  • Phased-Arrays
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Radar Antennas 


The VL001-0.9X0.9 supports Keysight, Anritsu and Rhode & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer models and is capable of measuring amplitude and phase patterns from S-band to mmWave. The system includes a software workstation preloaded with WaveView™ Antenna Measurement Software and provides automatic calibration before measurement. Measured data can be processed for far-field and other or holographic patterns yielding complete characterization of the antenna’s performance. A single data set provides information on antenna gain, side lobe structure, beam pointing and cross polarization.


  • Positioner
    Planar Driven X and Y with Probe Z and Pol Stages, motorized AUT to probe
  • Planar Scan Area
    0.93 x 0.93 meter
  • Probe Capacity
    6 kg (13 lb)
  • Planarity
    0.075mm RMS
    0.025mm RMS with on-site re-cal
  • Repeatability
    X, Y: 0.025mm RMS
    Z: 0.025mm RMS
    Pol: 0.0125° RMS
  • Resolution
    X, Y: 0.0015mm
    Z: 0.001mm
    Pol: 0.002°
  • Max. Scan Speed X,Y
    X, Y: 85mm/sec
  • Position Controller
    Integrated motor Controller
  • Motor Cables
    Up to 8 meter
  • PC Workstation
    Computer with LCD Monitor
  • Power
    300W, 100–240 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz
  • Software
    WaveView –professional antenna measurement software
  • Absorber
    127mm pyramidal
  • Recommended Frequency Range
    2.0-110 GHz
  • Scanner RF Cables
    20, 40, or 50 GHz, 3.6 m X/Y Cabletrack
  • Rotary Joint
    40GHz 2.92mm coaxial type
  • Range RF Cables
    40GHz 5 meters to Scanner Base and AUT
  • RF Receiver
    Rhode & Schwarz ZVA/ZNA (compatible to other VNA manufacturer)
  • Installed Envelope (W x L x H)
    1580 x 2660 x 2150 mm (Scanner Only)
  • Installed Weight
    980 kg (Scanner Only)
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7-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System


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Velenova limited offer 7-axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System is ideal for measuring antenna scan size up to 2.5 m x 1.5 m. It is well suited to perform testing of high, medium and low gain antennas, since it offers Planar Near field scan and Spherical scan capabilities.

The 7-axis precision robotic arm that acts as PNF and Theta-axis for SNF. It allows SNF testing with adjustable probe radii and PNF testing with different AUT to probe separations. It also allows for PNF testing where the scan-plane can be arbitrary in rectangular shape allocated within the arm reachable distance. Its ideal for custom measurement application for high gain tiltable beam measurement . Measured data can be processed for far-field or holographic patterns yielding complete characterization of the antenna's performance. A single data set provides information on antenna gain, side lobe structure, beam pointing and cross polarization.

The system interfaces with a wide variety of RF equipment and is capable of measuring amplitude and phase patterns from low frequency-band to mmWave Bands. 


  • C-band to mmWave frequencies
  • High accuracy positioners
  • Automatic electronic SNF alignment capability
  • Complete 3D characterization
  • Far-Field, Holographic and Near-Field patterns

Specifications - Platform Parameter

  • Construction
    7-Axis system comprised of 6-Axis robotic arm with precision Phi-axis rotation positioner
  • Robotic brand (Collaborative Robots)
    Fanuc –Japan / Techman Robotic –Taiwan
  • PNF Scan Area (Nominal)
    2.4 m x 1.2 m
  • Repeatability (Nominal)
    -/+ 0.05mm ~0.08mm (Depends on Robot Model)
  • CNF Scan Height (Nominal)
    1.2 m Radius: 1 m
  • SNF Scan Area
    360° in Phi and 165° in Theta with 1.0 m Radius
  • Maximum Antenna Load
    300 kg
  • Maximum Antenna Diameter (SNF)
    500 mm
  • System Controller
    Robot controller with Ethernet interface
  • Measurement Workstation
    Measurement workstation computer with large LCD monitor
  • Scanner Absorber
    80mm-127mm Pyramidal absorber & Flat type absorber
  • Probe
    Open-ended Waveguide Probe(s) or optional broadband single or dual pol probe antennas
  • RF Cables
    40 GHz RF Cables
  • Rotary Joints
    DC-26.5 GHz, (Phi-axis)
  • Supported RF Devices
    Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz and Anritsu VNA's (Contact us for a Complete List)
  • Power
    120-240 V AC, 500 watts

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